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Rebel bikie gang: Tattoo parlour belonging to Bachelorette winner Sasha’s brother hit ‘in crossfire’

Bachelorette Sam Frost pictured with winner Sasha. Picture: Toby Zerna


THE tattoo parlour owned by the family of Bacherlorette winner Sasha Mielczarek Jr has been shot up, with police believing it is linked to a dispute with the Rebels bikie gang.


Sasha’s father, Sasha Mielczarek Sr is a high-profile member of the gang and his brother Jay is a tattoo artist at Picton Tattoos, which is registered in the name of his mother Dawn.

The Saturday Telegraph does not suggest the family is involved in criminal activity or has any criminal history.

“All I know is that the matter is in the hands of the police now, ‘’ Sasha Jr said yesterday. “I don’t know much about it really so I can’t make any further comment.’’

Bachelorette winner Sasha Mielczarek Jr with father Sasha Sn and brother Jay Mielczarek

Sasha Sr said the shooting had nothing to do with his bikie associations: “The place next door was hit three times and this shop has been caught in the crossfire.

“I don’t have a criminal record and we don’t let people loiter around the shop. The business is now run by Jay anyway. ‘’

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