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  • Bikie group searched after helping Santa at Mumbil

    Police are expected to reveal on Wednesday why they targeted the Bandidos motorcycle group, searching them for nearly three hours after they had given Mumbil's children a Christmas party to remember.

    The well-known bikie group was stopped and searched near Molong on Saturday.

    "It was pathetic,'' Tracy Elniz said.

    She is the partner of Frank Elniz, head of the Orange Bandidos chapter.

    "They're taking these anti-bikie laws way too far," she said.

    "The local area command as well as Taskforce Raptor came up from Sydney to do the processing, questioning one of them about the patches he was wearing.''

    "One was arrested for consorting but he has never been charged before or ever been to gaol," Ms Elniz said.

    Members of the Bandidos were angry, and said they were shocked and surprised by the police investigation after they had given Mumbil's small community presents and lollies and raised money for the Children's Variety Charity.

    The police search took place five kilometres outside of Molong where the Bandidos were stopped on their way to a Molong Christmas party.

    Earlier that day, the bike group had previously joined the God Squad and the Apostles at the Mumbil Kids' Charity event at Griffo's Burrendong Hotel.

    "These were women, children and young families in the car from as young as one to 12. We were made to wait at the back of the pack for the bikes to be processed in the searing heat," Ms Elniz said.

    "Two to three hours without water and young babies in the car. We couldn't get home to get a bottle because we weren't allowed to leave."

    According to Ms Elniz and other witnesses, a series of fines and defect notices were issued and two people started to walk back to Molong without their bikes.

    While members of the God Squad were waved through, it is understood about 40 members of the Bandidos were subject to searches, along with their bikes.

    The three groups had just given toys and many large boxes of lollies to underprivileged children who were expected to go without for Christmas.

    The Bandidos organised the event with Ms Elniz' parents, who own Griffo's Burrendong Hotel, and the Apostles were able to donate an entire ute load of lollies to the children while all three groups gave toys to the children of Mumbil.

    It is understood that while the Bandidos were being stopped on the Euchareena road back to Molong, the Apostles, who travelled the other way, were also stopped 30km out of Molong on the Mitchell Highway and breathalysed while their bikes were checked.

    "It certainly put a dampener on the day," one member of the Apostles said.

    "We were out for the right reasons with open hearts and wallets and hopefully the community can see that outlook."

    Canobolas Local Area Command Crime Manager Bruce Grassick said he can reveal more details of police investigations on Wednesday.