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Coffin Cheater says he was refused service at Eaton pub because of his tattoos

A bikie from an outlaw motorcycle gang says he was refused service at a pub in the WA's South West because his tattoos were deemed "illegal".

Sefa Rotuma posted on Facebook on Tuesday, claiming the manager of the Eaton Tavern said she couldn't serve him because of his tattoos, one of which displays the words "Coffin Cheaters" on his arms.

Sefa Rotuma's post on Facebook got tongues wagging.

Sefa Rotuma's post on Facebook got tongues wagging. 

It's understood there was no specification about which of Mr Rotuma's tattoos was "illegal."

Some of Mr Rotuma's Facebook language is too colourful to publish, but an edited version of his comments runs as follows: 

Sefa Rotuma was refused service at the Eaton pub.

Sefa Rotuma was refused service at the Eaton pub. Photo: Facebook

"Before you preach the law make sure you know it first.

"50 years ago I wouldn't be served for the colour of my skin. Today I can't be served because of the colour in my skin."


Under the Liquor Licensing Act, licensees can chose to apply a dress standard for their pubs or taverns.

 "With respect to 'Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs' inconsistent dress standards can increase the risk of conflict if applied differently by licensees: from one community to the next; or between one licensed premises and another; or between one patron and another; or at different times during the evening [eg. if OMCG members are required to remove their jackets after 7pm]," the act reads.

The act states appropriate signage should be displayed at each entrance to the licensed premises, outlining the fact management has the right not to serve people who don't meet the dress standards.

It says licensees may wish - but do not have - to incorporate the following wording:

"Jackets or any other clothing or accessory, or any visible body markings bearing patches or insignia of any Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs not limited to but including the listed Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs are not permitted to be worn or to be visible on these premises at any time."

WAtoday has confirmed the Eaton Tavern has a sign with this wording but although "Coffin Cheaters" clearly appears on Mr Rotuma's arm, his tattoo does not appear to replicate the group's badge.

The Eaton Tavern was not available to answers questions from WAtoday on Thursday.

The notice at the Eaton Tavern - but is Sefa Rotuma's ink a badge or insignia?

The notice at the Eaton Tavern - but is Sefa Rotuma's ink a badge or insignia?

When Mr Rotuma's post was shared by others on social media, most people slammed the pub for not letting the bikie have a meal.

"Honest opinion, this is wrong," one person wrote.

"One should not be judged on choice of art work. Or body modifications, a persons a person. Service is service. Bloke just wanted a feed."

"Disgusting how this isn't recognised as discrimination," another person posted on Facebook.

But a few people were in support of the Eaton Pub not serving Mr Rotuma.

"Hate to say it guys but taverns and clubs do have a right to refuse service should someone be clearly representing a gang or outlaw bikie clan," one person wrote.

A spokesman for the Minister for Racing and Gaming Colin Holt said without having all the facts it appeared that the Eaton Tavern  have relied on the Director of Liquor Licensing's policy relating to dress relating to outlaw motorcycle gangs.