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  • Bandidos members have extortion charges dropped

    June 16, 2015 9:04pm

    Accused Bandidos outside court yesterday.

    A MAGISTRATE has dismissed extortion charges against five men who were charged as part of a police operation into the Bandidos motorcycle gang and its associates.

    An alleged victim, Rosario Giuffrida told Brisbane Magistrates Court today he had been harassed by police about making a statement and its contents were untrue.

    He said he had never approached police to make a statement and told the court he was withdrawing it.

    A number of defence solicitors this afternoon said their clients had no case to answer in relation to extortion allegations that had stemmed from Mr Giuffrida.

    Magistrate Anne Thacker agreed and said Bosko Cuic, Benjamin Thornton, Ruben Andrijevic, Jarrod Brown and Anthony Toumpas had no case to answer in relation to matters relating to Mr Giuffrida.

    There was no evidence other than a statement, the court heard.


    Committal hearings have been held in relation to 10 alleged former members and associates.

    The decision means four of the men are no longer facing charges relating to the extortion committal hearings.

    Toumpas still has other extortion matters before the committal hearings but his defence barrister Saul Holt QC says they will make a no case submission tomorrow.

    He said a no case submission would also be made in relation to George Bejat and Zivko Stojakovic.

    Cuic faces unrelated charges.