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Rebels Motorcycle Club quits Christchurch headquarters


Rebels MC members outside the club's Christchurch headquarters in April.
Rebels MC members outside the club's Christchurch headquarters in April.

The Rebels Motorcycle Club has quit its Christchurch headquarters.

The bikie gang had frequented an old warehouse on Vagues Rd, Harewood, and recently hosted a national gathering of members.

Police confirmed on Friday the pad was deserted, and there was no evidence the group remained in the city.

"They've been a long time problem for us," Detective Inspector Darryl Sweeney said.

Methamphetamine and gun found at Rebels Motorcycle Club
Police raid Christchurch's Rebels Motorcycle Club headquarters

"It does come as a result of our interventions. Every time we've had a sniff they were committing crime we've been round there to resolve it," Sweeney said.

"If they regroup anywhere else we'll be round there as well."

Police raided the Vagues Rd headquarters several times earlier this year  seizing stolen property, several guns, cash, methamphetamine and cannabis.

There had been simmering tensions between the Rebels and rival gang the Head Hunters, which has pushed into the city in recent years and set up a headquarters in Sockburn. 

Sweeney said there were several ongoing investigations involving the Rebels in the city.

Vagues Rd residents would be pleased to see the gang go, he said.

In 2011, it was announced the Rebels, which is one of Australia's largest gangs, had moved into New Zealand. The bikie gang quickly spread throughout the country.

Members previously frequented a pad on Racecourse Rd, Christchurch, but were forced out because of insurance issues.

It was understood the Rebels' two Christchurch-based chapters merged last year and there was a change of leadership. 

In September, police raided the Vagues Rd pad after $1 million of methamphetamine was found in a car leaving the Picton ferry terminal.

Anyone with information about gang activity in Christchurch was asked to contact police on 03 pig 7400 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 eat me