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 Police raid on Tingalpa shed finds six people living in Highway 61 clubhouse

Police escort a man alleged to be the Sergeant-at-Arms for Highway 61 after a police raid at Tingalpa.


A NUMBER of people are expected to be charged with drug, weapon, and burglary offences after a bikie clubhouse was raided.


About 4am Tuesday, police stormed a shed in an industrial estate at Tingalpa and found a clubhouse belonging to outlaw motorcycle gang Highway 61.

Police found six people residing in the clubhouse, including they allege the club’s Seargent of Arms, as well as drugs, weapons and stolen items from robberies dating all the way back to 2001.

Acting detective of Taskforce Maxima Mark Andrews said they found property from at least 10 break and enters, and small quantities of drugs.

“There were at least three break and enters of business premises, as well as people’s houses and cars” he said.

“We located a dropsaw from a break and enter on the Sunshine Coast in 2001.”

Det. Andrews said two search warrants were also issued in Griffin and South Brisbane.

“At an address in Griffin we located a large quantity of ice, a quantity of MDMA powder and a 1000 mls of the drug Fantasy,” he said.

Det. Andrews said the clubhouse had been on their radar since December 2015.

“A few weeks ago a search was conducted of the club house and a sawn-off weapon was located in one of the bedrooms, “ he said.

“Police have been at this address over the past month.”

Detective Inspector Rod Kemp from Upper Mount Gravatt police station said members of the public should be wary of goods bought from second-hand stores.

“Any one who has bought property from cash converters and alike should be mindful that this gang had been turning over a lot of stolen property, so members of the public should be aware of what they buy,” he said.


Update: Taskforce Maxima targets Highway 61 OMCG

Taskforce Maxima commenced Operation North Veneno in September 2015 for the purpose of investigating members of Highway 61 Outlaw Motorcycle Gang in relation to the suspected trafficking of dangerous drugs, identity crime and property and weapons offences in the Brisbane Region.

Today a number of addresses, including the Highway 61 OMCG gang premises at Tingalpa, have been the subject of tactical actions including the execution of search warrants.

Queensland Police Service personnel from State Crime Command’s Taskforce Maxima, Brisbane Region, Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism and Major Events Command (ICMC) and Operations Support Command as well as officers from the AFP National Anti-Gang Squad were involved in today’s operation.

Prior to this morning’s raids and since the commencement of the operation, police have arrested 20 patched members or associates of Highway 61 OMCG in relation to 86 offences. Those offences included possession of dangerous drugs/utensils, possession of shortened weapons, break and enters, stealing, fraud, UUMV and various traffic and breach of bail offences.

As a result of today’s action police have commenced proceedings against a further seven people in relation to 28 charges.

Included in today’s arrests were a 47-year-old Tingalpa man, who is alleged to be the Sergeant at Arms of Highway 61 OMCG Brisbane Chapter. The man is charged with five counts of supply dangerous drug (ICE), three counts of break and enter, three counts of receiving, three counts of tainted property, possess explosives (.243 ammunition) and breach of bail conditions.  He will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on January 20, 2016.

At the gangs premises police also issued a notice to appear to a 34-year-old man and a 35-year-old man for possession of drug utensils (ICE pipes) and drug diverted a 22-year- old man for possession of cannabis.

Police also executed search warrants in relation to associates of Highway 61 at Griffin and Manly.

During the search at Griffin police located approximately 26 grams of ICE, 160 grams of MDMA, 400 millilitres of fantasy (GHB) and $5000 in cash.  A 24-year-old woman was charged with three counts of possession of dangerous drugs (exceed schedule), and five other drug offences including possess property suspected of being the proceeds of an offence ($5,000 cash). A 24-year-old man was also charged with possession of dangerous drug.

The search warrant at Manly resulted in a 40-year-old man being drug diverted for possession of drug utensil.

During the search of the Highway 61 gang premises police located and seized a large amount of property which has been identified as being allegedly stolen during break and enter offences during 2015 and further property dating back to 2001. Among the suspect property recovered by police were four guitars, a large amount of power tools, laptops and mobile phones.

Taskforce Commander Detective Superintendent Niland stated “Once again we find shortened firearms in the possession of OMCG members and associates.  Once again we have shut down a gang premises where serious criminal activities have been conducted.”

Taskforce Maxima Acting Detective Inspector stated, “Today’s actions is a great example of Taskforce Maxima and the regions working together to solve property crime and recover stolen property from outlaw motorcycle gangs.”