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Nine dead, 170 arrested in Waco biker brawl


WACO, Texas -- The investigation continues after nine people were killed and multiple others were injured in a shooting at Twin Peaks on Sunday.

Police originally said 192 people were arrested but reduced that number Monday morning.

Shortly after noon, Waco police were at Twin Peaks monitoring at least two motorcycle clubs gathering there. The two groups had reportedly planned to meet in the safety of a public place to mediate a previous fight between two members of the rival gangs.

The conflict began with an argument inside the restaurant, which then escalated and moved into the parking lot. Multiple weapons were involved in the conflict, including chains, knives, bats, clubs, and firearms.

A total of eight people were shot and killed at the scene and another died at the hospital. Eighteen people were transferred to local hospitals with gunshot and stab wounds. Two of them were transported to other hospitals due to the severity of their injuries.

Police said Monday they are still working to process the crime scene, which is littered with bullets, blood and other evidence.


Three people have been arrested post-shooting.

All nine fatalities were bikers. No police officers are reported to be injured. It is unknown if any patrons were injured.

Police do not know if the nine bikers were killed by police or other bikers.

Waco police said Monday morning that 170 people are being arrested and processed in relation to the shooting. They have been charged with engaging in organized crime. Five biker gangs were involved in the shooting.


Waco Police partly blame Twin Peaks for shooting

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is closing Twin Peaks for seven days. Waco police said in a press conference that this is not a punitive action on their part, but due to the ongoing danger it presents to the community. They are conducting a parallel investigation and may take further action.

As of Sunday night, Don Carlos was on lockdown, and police were working to shut down the rest of the Central Texas Marketplace.

According to KCEN-TV, Twin Peaks management knew the situation was culminating prior to the shooting, but failed to act or cooperate with Waco police.

Police said in a news conference that the department has been preparing for the meet-up for months. They maintained a heavy presence in the area throughout the night after hearing rumors the other bikers would travel to the area for retaliation.

Multiple agencies, including the Texas Department of Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are on scene to help with the investigation.