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Rebels bike gang factions at war in Darwin

A member of the Rebels bike gang with his Harley Davidson in Darwin city. Factions of the gang are in conflict in Darwin.


A POWER struggle between warring factions of the Rebels bikie gang in Darwin has escalated, leaving behind a bloody trail of violence.


The Sunday Territorian can reveal the Darwin chapter's old guard was targeted in a clean-out of office holders by a hit squad of eight Rebels’ heavies sent from Adelaide.

The interstate gang members ambushed two Darwin Rebels who were drinking beers on the veranda of a northern suburbs property, brutally bashing them with baseball bats.

The men were both hospitalised with serious head injuries.

The heavies also attacked the former Rebels’ president and stole his motorbike worth about $20,000.

Shots were fired during a second altercation also involving the former president.

None of the incidents were reported to police.

Police believe the attacks were orchestrated by a founder of the Darwin chapter from Adelaide in a bid to replace the old guard of bikies with a new criminally-minded leadership group.


The recent escalation in violence has occurred since the theft of three Rebels’ vests from a Virginia property in January.

The theft kicked off a series of retaliatory incidents, including the shooting at a Darwin River property previously used as a Rebels’ clubhouse.

The Sunday Territorian also understands the Rebels and Bandidos gangs are both searching for new clubhouses in the Darwin area.

Drug and Organised Crime Squad Detective Acting Superintendent Mark Stringer warned bikers and the owners of property in industrial areas to avoid any contact with outlaw motorcycle gangs.

“I’d warn any motorcyclist enthusiasts considering joining these outlaw gangs not to do it,” he said.

“There’s been cases where members want to leave or have been kicked out that violence is used and property is stolen, being motorbikes and taken to be possession of that gang.

“There’s plenty of non-outlaw motorcycle groups to join.”