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Mongol bikie enforcer Shane Bowden charged with South Yarra home invasion

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Tammy Mills and Rania Spooner

Shane Scott Bowden.

Shane Scott Bowden. Photo: Facebook

A high-profile bikie enforcer was arrested in Melbourne hiding behind a tree following a stabbing during a South Yarra home invasion involving camouflage-clad offenders, police say.

Mongols motorcycle gang's national sergeant-at-arms Shane Scott Bowden, 42, and his co-accused Aysen Unlu, 39, were remanded on Tuesday night to face the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday on charges that included aggravated burglary, intentionally cause injury and theft.

Detective Senior Constable Chris Pountney told an out-of-sessions hearing at the St Kilda Police Station on Tuesday night that a man and woman woke at 4am that day to find a figure clad in full camouflage clothing standing at the end of their bed, holding a knife and demanding cash.

He said the woman screamed, prompting another man living in the Davis Avenue home in South Yarra to come to their aid, along with another camouflage-clad offender.

A scuffle ensued where both the alleged offenders and victims punched each other. The two male victims were then stabbed in the hands before the female victim grabbed the knife and threw it into the yard.

One of the victims handed over between $500 and $700 before Mr Bowden and Ms Unlu left out the back door and police were called, Senior Constable Pountney alleged.

He said police found Mr Bowden and Ms Unlu a short time later hiding behind a tree on the corner of Alexandra Avenue and Yarra Street.

Police found camouflage booties, night vision googles, a hunting knife and other items in preliminary searches.

Senior Constable Pountney told bail justice Annette Stockman that Mr Bowden posed an unacceptable risk given he was a patched member of the Mongols and the club's national enforcer.

"We've got fears for the safety and welfare of the victims if he's granted bail," he said.

Mr Bowden said he had only been in Victoria for 12 months and it was his "first brush with the law" in the state.

Asked why the Nott Street apartment in Port Melbourne he was living in with the female accomplice was half-empty, he told Ms Stockman he had just come back from boxing training in Bali.

"I just got back from overseas training for a fight," Mr Bowden said.

Ms Stockman remanded Mr Bowden to face court tomorrow, "in view of the seriousness of what has occurred today", she said.

Ms Unlu was also remanded in a later out-of-sessions hearing at St Kilda Police Station.

One of the male victims is still in hospital with suspected severed tendons in his hand.

The other male victim received a small laceration.