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A big thanks to the bikies

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: WE were all back on the road having just left Yass Caltex.   

Got Angus out and went to visit Kernel Sanders.   

Whilst tying Angus to the outdoor seat, some rather decorated Bandidos were sitting enjoying lunch.   

They were admiring Angus and saying g'day when I went in to order.   

I then realised I'd left my wallet in the truck and it was up the other end of the parking bay.   

Well I though bugger it, I'll get something later.   

So once back in the truck I couldn't find my wallet.    I freaked out, f**k.   

So I went to see if I had dropped it.   

Well along came three Bandidos out in the car park looking for me.   

Guess what.   

They had my wallet.   

I'd left it behind when tying up Angus.    $450 cash in it.   

They returned it back to me, what gentleman.   

Maybe if there is room in Big Rigs for a thank you from me.   

They're always copping sh*t, but doesn't get any better than that.   

Real men.   

- Teddy and Angus