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Ex-bikie George Bejat walks free from court as extortion charges dropped

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‘I’m a free man today’. George Bejat leaving the Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday.


EX-BANDIDOS Centro chapter president George Bejat says he has “big plans” after extortion offences were dropped in court yesterday, ending a string of charges against him.


Bejat, 29, and former sergeant-at-arms Zivko Stojakovic, 29, had been charged with extorting celebrity hairdresser Fadi Haddad in 2013, however prosecutors decided that a trial should not go ahead, with all of the charges dropped.

Bejat, who once drove around Brisbane in a Lamborghini Gallardo, told The Courier-Mail he was glad that the multiple court cases were over.

“I’ve got big plans now,” Bejat said when asked what he would do in the ­future now his passport had been returned.

“I’ve had all my charges dropped, assaults everything.

“It’s good to be free again after 2½ years.

“My lawyers have done a good job. I’m a free man today.”

Bejat was president of the notorious Centro chapter of the Bandidos when the former Newman government introduced new laws after a brawl at Broadbeach.

He was charged in relation to the incident but escaped with a $1750 fine.


Bejat was also charged over an alleged assault of two men, but those charges were also dropped.

He is still subject to a ban from going into Fortitude Valley and Brisbane’s drinking precincts after an incident with a security guard on New Year’s Eve.

This will be lifted in May.

In relation to the extortion charges, Mr Haddad had told a court hearing that the police had “caused more headaches” than the bikies and had visited him seven times after he made a ­complaint.

He said police had told him to make a complaint before he withdrew it in 2014.

The court was told he had been visited by Bejat and Stojakovic about a debt he owed for building work.

When asked if he felt he had been targeted in relation to all of the matters, Bejat said: “The court showed if I had been targeted or not. I’ve been found not guilty of all charges.

“I’m just glad it’s all over.

“It took a while but it’s finished.”