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Canberra bikie found with guns, explosives posed 'extraordinary risk to community', court hears

Updated about 9 hours ago

A member of the Canberra Nomad outlaw motorcycle gang could have caused "horrendous damage" with the illegal guns, knives and explosives found in his home, an ACT court has heard.

Stephen Nicholas Da Silva-Wilson, 24, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday for a sentencing hearing after he was found guilty of illegally possessing a set of weapons.

The items seized by police included a rifle, a revolver, ammunition, explosives, a knuckleduster, a trench knife and a trafficable quantity of methamphetamine.

The court heard Da Silva-Wilson's house and cars were raided last year when the items were seized.

The prosecutor told Magistrate Beth Campbell that the M1 rifle found was "a military-style weapon that posed an extraordinary risk to the community".

The trench knife was described as a "ghastly weapon that could be horrendously damaging".


About 1 kilogram of high-powered explosives were also found at Da Silva-Wilson's home.

The court heard the explosive had a detonating cord inserted, ready for use, and could have exploded easily.

The Australian Federal Police Specialist Response Group was brought in to remove the explosive materials.

The court heard Da Silva-Wilson was a member of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang, with police officers from the bikie-related Taskforce Nemesis arresting Da Silva-Wilson last year.

During his trial Da Silva-Wilson has been housed in a section of Canberra's jail reserved for Nomads members, to prevent him being attacked by rival gang members.

Magistrate Campbell said Da Silva-Wilson was unlikely to avoid a jail term.

He is expected to be sentenced next month and will remain in jail until then.