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Theodore man to face court for possession of drugs, firearms, ammunition and explosives

Police seized drugs, a number of firearms including a military style rifle and a loaded revolver, nearly 2 kilograms of explosive and 73 detonators in a raid in Kambah. 

Police executed a search warrant at the southside premises last month after arresting a 24-year-old Theodore man, identified as a bikie gang member, for breaching his bail conditions.

In their search, police found a semi-automatic military style rifle, a loaded revolver, trench knife, knuckle dusters and a self-loading rifle magazine.

They also seized 1.81 kilograms of commercial explosive, 73 detonators, detonating cord and safety fuse, as well as methamphetamine.

AFP Specialist Response Group attended and removed the suspected explosive materials to render them safe.

The man will face the ACT Magistrates Court on Thursday morning to be charged with 16 offences related to possession of firearms and dangerous substances, as well as drug possession and trafficking.