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Ruthless bikie gang the Lone Wolves driven out of the Gold Coast after crackdown

RAP commander Superintendent Jim Keogh at the Lone Wolf clubhouse which has shut its door

RAP commander Superintendent Jim Keogh at the Lone Wolf clubhouse which has shut its doors. Picture: Jerad Williams 

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A RUTHLESS outlaw bikie gang responsible for torture, extortion and ecstasy trafficking operations has been driven out of the Gold Coast.

The Lone Wolves, considered one of the most violent gangs in Queensland, has closed its Currumbin clubhouse just days after a High Court challenge to the tough bikie laws was dismissed.

The failed challenge was the final straw for the Lone Wolves, which remained defiant in the face of the Newman Government’s Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act, refusing to remove club signage and artwork from the Hayter Avenue clubhouse.

The artwork has now been painted over and the Lone Wolves signage removed as one of the last bikie clubhouses on the Gold Coast closes.

It is a landmark achievement for police, with the Black Uhlans clubhouse in Ern Harley Drive now the Coast’s lone bikie base.

The Bulletin has been told even that clubhouse is expected to disappear, offered for sale this year for $350,000.

The club before the Lone Wolves were driven out.

The club before the Lone Wolves were driven out.


Rapid Action Patrol Group commander Superintendent Jim Keogh joked the club had gone from “Lone Wolves to Hush Puppies”.

“There were only two clubhouses here that remained, though not used, in the hope that the High Court decision would overturn the current legislation — Lone Wolves and Black Uhlans,” Supt Keogh said.

“It’s a shut down as far as the Lone Wolves are concerned. Black Uhlans are still considering their options, but we believe it will soon follow suit.

“What it really spells out is that there is no point maintaining the clubhouse really as a place they can’t visit under legislation. It’s a declared place under the laws.

“It means they have to move and do business elsewhere.”

Supt Keogh refused to comment on where the club would be relocated, but it is understood they are planning a move into NSW.

High-ranking members of the club live in northern NSW, including former club president Stuart Dalziel, who stays at Kingscliff.

Supt Keogh said police would continue to monitor the activities of the club, whose territory stretched from northern NSW to Burleigh Heads.

“We believe the club will attempt to maintain its presence on the Gold Coast. This week we arrested a Lone Wolf associate on possession of drugs,” he said.

“We won’t be taking our eye off them.”

The Lone Wolves have dominated the southern end of the city for more than a decade.

Police also said the Wolves controlled the ecstasy trade through a “highly organised” drug trafficking network.