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Harley-Davidson rider flees crash scene shedding blood after losing wheel


COFFS Harbour police are hunting for the rider of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that crashed into a car before he fled.

The rider, believed have links to the Lone Wolf bikie gang, smashed into the Holden Commodore, while riding in shorts, thongs and no helmet, at the intersection of Boultwood and Phillip streets, Coffs Harbour, about 8.30pm on Tuesday.

The impact damaged the wheel forks and tore off the front wheel of the motorcycle.

Yep, that‘ll need looking at ... the front wheel of the stricken motorcycle adorns the gutter near the Coffs Harbour crash.

Witnesses said the rider pushed his damaged bike to the side of the road and checked to see if the Commodore driver was injured before saying he “had to go see a friend” and walking away from the scene.

One witness said he heard the bike “revving up” before it collided with the Commodore.

A trail of blood from the rider led police to a unit block nearby but officers have been unable to locate him.

A man who turned up to the scene said he had borrowed the bike from its owner, but neither he or the owner, who is also believed to be a Lone Wolf bikie, will tell police who was riding the Harley.

Coffs Harbour police are searching for the rider of this heavily damaged Harley-Davison. Pictures: Frank Redward

Police and towing workers inspect the damage.

After the collision, the rider checked if the Commodore driver was okay before excusing himself from the scene.

The Commodore’s rear was detached and its left-hand doors heavily damaged in the incident.

The man who had “custody” of the bike said he had left it on the street with the keys in it.

Inspector Joanne Reid said if the two men with links to the bike did not disclose who was riding it, they could be charged.

She said officers were looking into the gang links.

“It was very heavy impact — it ripped the front of the bike off,” she said.

A spot of blood left on the road near the crash site.

Police inspect a nearby block of units after following a blood trail from the smash scene.