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Hells Angels nominee Alexander Glen Stevens jailed for more than seven years for shooting man in leg

A HELLS Angels “nominee” who shot another man in the leg at his own home has been jailed for more than seven years.

Alexander Glen Stevens pleaded guilty to aggravated causing harm with intent over the shooting of the man as he sat on the front porch of his Davoren Park home in November 2014.

The shooting was captured on home CCTV and left the victim with a fractured left fibula which required 25 stitches and the insertion of a metal plate.

District Court judge Joanne Tracey said Stevens, 24, had gone to the home because he believed the man was involved in stealing $1800 that belonged to a third party.

Judge Tracey said Stevens stopped his car outside the victim’s Pritchard St home and retrieved a self-loading Ruger handgun from the boot.

“(You) walked up to the footpath, in front of the house, pointing the firearm at (the victim) as you went, You fired once, hitting (the victim) in the shin,” Judge Tracey said.

Judge Tracey said the shooting had left the victim with physical and psychological issues.

“He is now scared to go out alone and is always looking over his shoulder wondering if someone is going to hurt him again,” she said.

Judge Tracey said she had difficulty accepting a sentencing report which made no mention of Stevens being a nominee, or probationary member, of the Hells Angels bikie gang — or submissions that he was no longer involved with the group.

“I have been provided with details of numerous visits, phone calls and mail you received in custody from Hells Angels club members and associates,” Judge Tracey said.


“You still maintain that you have left the club and now say that you have kept on good terms with members in order to ensure that you are not subject to their violence given your decision to leave.”

Judge Tracey said she was concerned about the sincerity of Stevens’ pledge to leave the bikie lifestyle upon his release from prison.

Stevens was jailed for seven years, two months and 12 days, with a non-parole period of three years and 10 months, backdated to his arrest in November 2014.