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Rebels motorcycle gang bikies screened for drugs as 400 gather in Tasmania


Members of the Rebels motorcycle gang have been met by a big police operation after arriving in Tasmania for a massive gathering this weekend.

Police said three members tested positive for drugs as about 100 were screened at the Spirit of Tasmania ferry terminal in Devonport.


Gang members are joining about 300 others who have already arrived in the state to mark the Tasmanian chapter's 20th year.

About 60 police from Tasmania and every Australian state have been brought in to monitor the event, which police have described as the largest gathering of bikies in Tasmania.

After arriving by ferry, the bikies gathered at East Devonport ahead of a ride to Hobart via Tasmania's east coast.

Detective Senior Sergeant Damien George said sniffer dogs were deployed for the mass arrival.

"We have a screening point so each of the motorcyclists have come off the Spirit of Tasmania and been subject to a random breath test, an oral fluid test, there's also a drug detection dog who's screening the motorcycles," he said.


"There's been a minor drug detection. We've also detected a number of unlicensed drivers and unregistered motorcyclists."

Detective Senior Sergeant said the gathering would continue to be monitored.

"Do we want to have more motorcycle gangs in our state? No we don't," he said.


"But they're here and while they're here we want the members of the community to be safe but we also want the motorcyclists to be safe whilst on our roads so we'll have had some traffic management in place in respect of that."

The bikies will be attending an event at the chapter's Hobart clubhouse.

Matthew Fletcher, one of the club's neighbours, said he was not anticipating any trouble.

"We've been here quite a while, a few years, and nothing has ever given us a cause for concern," he said.

"There is at the back of your mind [something] could happen but as a neighbour they've generally been good neighbours."