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By Cam Lucadou-Wells

A Rebels bikie involved in bashing two rival gang’s bikies in a Noble Park pub and a Dandenong restaurant has told a court he would refuse any order to banish himself from his outlaw gang.
The bikie, who cannot be legally identified, was jailed for 90 days and put on a community corrections order for the affrays and other charges at Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on 23 November.
In an unprovoked attack at Sandown Park Hotel’s beer garden about 6.30pm on 1 October, a Comancheros member was approached by the accused and another Rebels member – who also can’t be legally named.
The victim was thrown from his seat and the attackers then repeatedly stomped and kicked his head and body.
On 12 October, another Comancheros member seated at a table at The Pavilion was approached by the same Rebels pair both carrying black satchels over their shoulders.
Patrons fled the venue during the protracted punch-on, which ended when one of the bikers revealed the contents of a satchel.
Police told the court that they didn’t know what the contents were.
Magistrate Jack Vandersteen said there was no point pushing for a ‘non-association’ clause on the corrections order banning the accused from contact with Rebels members because it required his consent.
The accused also needed help for drug and mental health issues to reduce his risk of re-offending, Mr Vandersteen said.
“He will do what whatever he wants to some extent. He’s got fairly strong views and he’s a capable individual,” he said.
“We have to be realistic putting people on these orders.”
The biker’s lawyer told the court on 21 November that the accused joined the club for “mateship” and “camaraderie”.
The fights were claimed to be due to “personal differences” rather than part of an inter-gang feud, though Mr Vandersteen noted it was not clear what the grievances exactly were.
The identities of the co-accused were suppressed by the court in order to not inflame hostilities between the two outlaw gangs or incite retribution.
Days after the accused’s arrest by ECHO Taskforce detectives, the Rebels clubhouse in England Street, Dandenong, was deliberately set alight on 21 October.
A Carrum Downs gym – linked to the Comancheros – was shot up on 18 November.
At the hearing, the biker also pleaded guilty to unlawful assault of a former girlfriend in July and possession of ice and anabolic steroids.
In sentencing, Mr Vandersteen noted the accused had no prior criminal history and his remorse for the incidents, but the affrays had to be denunciated.
Mr Vandersteen said there was a need to reduce the risk of “tit for tat” bikie gang fighting “that goes around and around and around in a circle and little gets achieved”.
“There’s a need to protect the community from such public displays of violence.”