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Alleged Mongol associate accused of delivering Christmas assault to colleague over spilt drink at party

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THERE’s no use crying over spilt milk but when it comes to a spilt drink at a Christmas party it’s a whole different story.

Alleged Mongol associate Aaron Game is accused of seriously assaulting a work colleague over a spilt drink at a Christmas party on the Gold Coast last week.

The 26-year-old appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Murdoch Clarke said the man was at the party on December 19 when an altercation broke out over the “minor matter of a spilt drink”.

He said Game then convinced the man to accompany him to the front of the property — suggesting he was prepared to make a private apology.

“The defendant’s then commenced a violence assault by punching the complainant in the face, resulting in him being transported to hospital with facial fractures,” he said.

“It’s alleged there’s CMG [criminal motorcycle gang] links with the defendant and there’s fears he may take further retribution.”

However the Mongols have denied any link to the man.

Sr Con Clarke said the complainant had asked for the matter not to be reported to police.

The court heard Game was put on probation for a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm in 2008 after he chased then assaulted someone in a crowded shopping centre.

Duty lawyer David Carlin said Game had a solid work history and understood it was possible he could lose his job as a result of the charge.

“This doesn’t show a pattern of behaviour and this doesn’t show that he’s the sort of person that’s an unacceptable risk of this behaviour.”

“It appears that alcohol may have been involved.”

Mr Carlin said the last entry on his criminal history was from 2011 and the most relevant matter was from six and a half years ago.

He said the allegation of links to a criminal motorcycle gang were disputed by Game.

“The affidavit states he’s an associate of the Mongols,” he said.

“His instruction are that he hasn’t associated with them for at least two years.”

Magistrate Brian Kilmartin said he considered the way in which the complainant was allegedly “induced” to move to a private area before the incident took place.

“He’s attempted to move him to a different part of a premises then he’s assaulted him,” he said.

“It was supposed to be for the purpose of a private apology.”

He said the court was not persuaded that bail conditions were enough to prevent further offences and refused the application for bail.

Game was remanded to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court via video link on January 7.