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Officer's wife apologises to bikie for crashed funeral
26th May 2016 11:05 AM

by Helen Spelitis
THE wife of a police officer has apologised to the family of James Henzell for her husband's involvement in setting up road blocks targeting bikies attending a funeral.

Bikie tells cops to rebel, 'apologise for crashing funeral'

Chris Hawes, sergeant-at-arms for outlaw motorcycle gang the Black Uhlans M.C., said the police officers wife - who asked to remain anonymous - phoned him yesterday to say she was sorry for the distress the police presence had caused the grieving family.

Up to 30 police set up road blocks and tested funeral attendees for drugs before and after the funeral service for Mr Henzell, who was Mr Hawes's brother-in-law but not a member of any bikie gang.

"She said her partner (a police officer) had participated in the day and she wanted to apologise for it; to the family," Mr Hawes said.

>>'Nothing to hide': Bikie demands apology after funeral

Chris Hawes, Gladstone Sergeant at Arms, Black Uhlans M.C. Chris Hawes, Gladstone Sergeant at Arms, Black Uhlans M.C.
"She said she thought it was wrong and that her partner knew she was calling me.

"It was quick and quite strange but at least the conversation about respect, and whether police should be able to do what they did, is now happening in their home too.

"It's a start."

Police stop guests from leaving James Henzell's funeral at Boyne Tannum.

Mr Hawes has called on the police to issue a formal apology to the family of James Henzell after road blocks and drug testing were conducted at his funeral service.

James Henzell, who took his own life, was not a member of any outlawed motorcycle gang.

Queensland Police said two police officers from Taskforce Maxima had been brought up from Brisbane for the event and, as a result, four people had been charged with drug driving.

The police confirmed there had been no contravention of the strict VLAD laws targeting outlawed motorcycle gangs on the day, but have not commented on Mr Hawes' request for an apology.