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Man who dumped body still hasn't revealed where

NO ANSWERS: Timothy Pullen's parents, Gary and Leanne Pullen.

NO ANSWERS: Timothy Pullen's parents, Gary and Leanne Pullen. Luke Mortimer

THE mother of a Mackay man who was brutally killed is angry that one of the men who dumped his body will be freed from prison without ever revealing where her son can be found.

Luke Shayne Kister is due to be released on parole today from Capricornia prison after serving nearly 14 months for his role in dumping Timothy John Pullen's body five years ago.

Pullen's mother Leanne was contacted by The Courier-Mail and said she believed the Parole Board should have kept Kister in prison until he showed police the location of her son's body.

"As far as I'm concerned the Parole Board has an awful lot to answer for,” she said.

Mrs Pullen and her family supported the opposition's proposed 'no body, no parole' legislation, and argued it needed to be broad enough to include those who helped killers cover their tracks.

"I want the legislation brought in as quickly as possible so other people don't have to suffer what we are suffering,” she said.

She said Kister's actions meant that the Pullens were never able to bury their son with dignity. The Court of Appeal said his actions made it more difficult for prosecutors to bring Pullen's killers to justice.

Mrs Pullen will join the shadow minister for Corrective Services, Tim Mander, in Rockhampton today in the push for a change to the law.

Two men involved in the bashing and abduction were originally charged with murder but accepted plea deals and were convicted of manslaughter. Two other men who were in the unit where he was killed have never been identified.

The LNP had attempted to get its own 'no body, no parole” provisions through the Parliament in May, by moving an amendment to a Labor parole board Bill, but it was voted down.

The government introduced its own "no body, no parole” Bill, which was given the green light by Parliament's Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee last week. It is due to be debated in coming weeks.


Mackay man Timothy Pullen was killed in 2012. His body has never been found.

Mackay man Timothy Pullen was killed in 2012. His body has never been found.

Pullen was killed over a drug debt to the Odin's bikie gang, he was injured at his home in North Mackay and he was still alive when he was bundled into Kister's car early in the morning of April 16, 2012.

Police believe his body may have been kept in a nightclub cool-room before Kister - a bouncer at the club - and his boss, dumped it somewhere in the Collinsville region.

Kister and his boss, Stephen Dale Renwick, took police 240km west of Mackay on June 1, 2016 and identified an area where he said he dumped the body, but Kister, travelling separately, did not recognise the area Renwick identified, and searches by police and SES failed to find any human remains.

Traces of Pullen's blood were found on the back seat of Kister's car, and the court was told that when Kister was asked if he killed Pullen he replied "no of course not, but that doesn't mean I didn't bury him”.

Kister was convicted of accessory after the fact to the manslaughter of Pullen and was sentenced to five years prison with parole eligibility after a year.

Mrs Pullen said it was unbearable living with the unknown of what happened to her son.

"People think you go to court and it's all over and done with. But when you don't have a body its like you just have this big black cloud hanging over your head all day every day,” Mrs Pullen said.

Mrs Pullen said she was "totally heartbroken” when she learned that the callous criminals had just "thrown” her sons body into a paddock without any dignity.

Benjamin Francis Graeme Oakley, who was "muscle” to help abduct Pullen, is due for parole from his masnlaughter sentence on November 11, and Renwick on January 12.

The man who planned Pullen's abduction - Zane Tray Lincoln - is serving nine years for manslaughter with parole after five years.