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Rebels provide police statement about ex-member on DV charges

REBELS Motorcycle Club has provided a statement to police about an ex-member accused of shocking domestic violence offences.

The man is charged with 23 crimes, including torture and rape, against his ex-wife, and 44 against a more recent partner. The 33-year-old father of four, who cannot be named to protect the alleged victims, unsuccessfully applied for bail in Townsville Magistrates Court on Friday.

The ex-wife made complaints of historic abuse allegedly committed between 2006 and 2012.

Senior prosecutor Mark Fenlon told the court that many of the 44 fresh charges, allegedly committed since October, breached a Western Australian restraining order and a Queensland domestic violence order (DVO).

On October 28, the man allegedly covered the woman’s face with a pillow, causing her to black out.

In April, the man allegedly forced his partner to drive him to Brisbane.

“While in a hotel, under the influence of methylamphetamine, the defendant searches her phone, hits her on the leg with the phone, straddles her, grabs a pillow and covers her face,” Mr Fenlon told the court.

He then allegedly pinned her to a wall and bit her cheek.

Mr Fenlon said on June 30, the man asked his partner to help with cooking, and when she complied he snapped “Why don’t you just f***ing take over then?”

“The victim stated without any warning, the defendant turned around with a metal fork and stabbed her in the left forearm,,” he told the court.

Defence solicitor Nathan Smith said the man would defend all charges, except for the DVO breaches relating to text messages.

Mr Fenlon told the court that a week after the alleged fork incident, the man allegedly sent the woman four text messages.

“(He wrote), ‘Please don’t do this, I love you, you’re not in danger with me. My heart is broken, please, you are the glue to put it back, I can’t live without you, you can’t live without me,” Mr Fenlon said.

“If none of this has happened, why does he have to say she’s not in danger?”

Mr Fenlon told the court that the last time the man was granted bail in Magistrates Court, he lied by telling the court he was not associated with Rebels Motorcycle Club.

“Your Honour has statements attached to that brief from the president and the sergeant at arms of the Charters Towers Rebels Motorcycle Club saying not only was he a nom (prospective member or nominee) but he worked in their bar,” he said.

Magistrate Steven Mosch refused bail, saying there was an unacceptable risk the man would reoffend.

“The defendant has been maintaining a relationship with the aggrieved, in breach of two court orders, and I have little faith that if I was to grant bail now, and impose a condition that he have no contact with the aggrieved, he would have any regard to an order made by me today,” he said.

The man is due back in court on August 23.