Alleged bikie accused of using code words to sell drugs

POLICE claim an alleged outlaw bikie used "beers", "bait" and "fish fillets" as code words to customers to sell meth and marijuana.

Deane Jerome Sanderson, who police say is a member of the outlaw Odin's Warriors motorcycle gang, was granted bail in Brisbane Supreme Court bail on Friday.

The Captain Creek man is alleged to have been part of a Gladstone drug trafficking operation in which co-accused Matthew Raymond Fennell was arrested with what police claim were drugs taped below his testicles.

The court heard Mr Sanderson, Mr Fennell and others allegedly had a telephone code to talk about buying and selling drugs.

Crown prosecutor Jodie Wooldridge said phone intercepts showed Mr Sanderson discussing buying "bait" with alleged customers, and contacting Mr Fennell to tell him he had "hoosier fillets", which he referred to as "hake fillets" the next day, available for purchase and discussed having beers after work.

She said "bait" and "fish fillets" were often used interchangeably - which they claim made the conversation make no sense.

But Mr Sanderson's defence told the court the texts were benign conversations about fishing, pointing to the fact he did own a boat and the conversations did not mention any traditional drug terms.

Ms Wooldridge said Mr Sanderson's alleged Odin's Warriors membership meant he continued to be a risk of re-offending.

But she conceded Mr Sanderson was unlikely to be a flight risk due to his ties in the Gladstone community.

Justice Martin Burns said while the Crown case was "not irresistible", it was "far from weak".

He said he did not believe Mr Sanderson, who has limited criminal history, posed an overwhelming risk of re-offending or of flight.

Justice Burns also said as it was unlikely, due to the amount of police intercepts to be examined, a trial would take place before mid-2016 and granted Mr Sanderson bail.