Technical..well sort of!

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6/9 New pipe fitted

3/10 Stator part 2

29/9 New Stator by Jim

12/8 Motorcycle Rack Build

25/3/10  Project Alliteration

July 09 Lower that arse!

11/6/07 Clutch problem.. Woohoo!

21/3/07 Frontwheel not so blue now...

17/03/07 Front wheel blues

2/4 Carb play..

Dyna footboards

Touring seat install

Saddlebag fetish

New Shocks..

Destroy that tyre

Gasket making 101

Nothings easy. Piston manipulation.

Assembly Time

Fitting a 160

Noise fun or motorcycling for fun and profit.

Project Painful

2/4 Nearly there

20/2 just a little progress

3/2 just a little drivel..

29/1 instrumentation consternation.

Handy Hints no not a tea towel rack..


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