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ajor cocaine, ice racket smashed in Qld

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The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) says it has smashed a major cocaine and ice racket on the Gold Coast linked to Hells Angels.

It comes after a major covert investigation known as Operation Atlanta, which targeted organised crime in the area.

Four men, allegedly major players in a distribution network that had links to the Hells Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, are facing over 650 separate criminal charges as a result of the investigation.

A 41-year-old has been charged with 244 offences, a 55 year-old property developer has been charged with 296 offences and a 46-year-old has been charged with 26 offences.

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All three have been charged with trafficking and supplying ice and cocaine.

The 41-year-old man was also charged with producing ice.

A 55-year-old Gold Coast man was charged by the CCC last month as part of the operation, with 91 offences including trafficking ice and cocaine and 74 counts of supplying drugs.

It will be alleged the men were involved in an ice production and distribution site was running out of Tedder Avenue, Main Beach

The wholesale value of the ice is approximately $250,000 but would have a significantly larger street value after being cut, repackaged and sold.

A range of weapons were also seized during the operation including a pump action shotgun, rifle, butterfly knife and a taser.

The men were bailed and are expected to appear in the Southport Magistrates Court on 3 March 2017.

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Twenty-one people linked to the Comancheros outlaw motorcycle gang have been arrested and drugs and cash have been seized during more than two dozen raids across Melbourne on Tuesday morning.

VIDEO 20 arrested in Melbourne bikie raids. Source: 7 News

Police say they began raiding 25 residential and commercial properties around Melbourne at 5am.

“Just heard noises and rumbling and lights were on and screaming, we didn’t really wake up… because its quite normal, its like the third time in a couple of weeks,” neighbour Stephen Van Duynhoven told Sunrise.

An upmarket sedan and Land Rover were also seized from a property at Lyndhurst in Melbourne's south-east.

Police executed raids across Melbourne in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Source: 7 News

A number of heavily armed police officers quietly moved down a Melbourne side street as they prepared to raid the bikie-linked homes. Source: 7 News

Assistant commissioner Stephen Fontana says firebombings and shootings are believed to be linked to the Comancheros.

"We believe that they are responsible for up to 21 non-fatal shootings, four arson attacks, serious drug trafficking and firearms-related offences," Assistant Commissioner Fontana said.

"It is anticipated that up to 21 individuals will be interviewed and charged with serious offences including drug trafficking, criminal damage by fire and a number of drive-by shootings causing injury to others."



He said that some people linked to the gang were behind a series of firebomb attacks on strip clubs in the south Melbourne area.

In February last year police suggested a breakaway gang of bikie thugs were behind an explosion that destroyed a Kittens strip club in Caulfield South.

Police said at the time bikies were trying to muscle back in on security contracts they had lost during an internal split 18 months earlier.

Police are expected to reveal further details at a press conference later on Tuesday.


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Victoria Police announce bikie raids operation successful with 20 arrested



ajor cocaine, ice racket smashed in Qld

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