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Bikies know who shot Gold Coast HQ

BY: Jessica Johnston and Sue Lappeman

Australia - IT is likely the Bandidos know who fired shots from a high-powered weapon into the gang's Mermaid Beach clubhouse on Wednesday.

At least seven private CCTV cameras are mounted outside the gang's headquarters on Cronulla Avenue.

But neighbours believe the gang will not give the footage to police and Commissioner Bob Atkinson is worried about the 'potentiality for revenge and escalation'.

Six bullets, believed to be from a high-powered weapon, were shot through heavily steel-plated front windows about 4am on Wednesday.

Three security cameras are mounted above the front entrance beside the shot-out window covering, with floodlights ensuring images can be recorded 24 hours a day.

Two cameras monitor activity on Cronulla Ave, while the other focuses directly across the street.

The original police report made no mention of security vision and some believe it is unlikely club members would volunteer the footage.

One local business owner, who asked not to be named, said the CCTV cameras had kept watch over the clubhouse door for the six years he had been in the street.

"I don't think they would hand them over for free," he said.

Regional Duty Officer Inspector Geoff Palmer last night said police could seize private security vision if was pertinent to an investigation.

"If someone gets issued a court warrant to obtain the vision, that person has got an obligation to hand it over," he said.

While Gold Coast police said they were 'hopeful' the incident would not spark a revenge attack, Mr Atkinson, admitted he was worried.

"There has been no escalation of retribution that we're aware of at this stage but anything involving violence with outlaw motorcycle clubs always concerns me in terms of the potentiality for revenge and escalation," he said.

"We're very mindful that we are doing all we can to be across that and prevent that happening."

Queensland Attorney-General Cameron Dick yesterday revealed police had been unable to use tough anti-bikie laws passed through State Parliament six months ago due to government administrative delays.

The new laws give police power to secretly apply to the court to have bikie gangs declared criminal organisations so control orders can then be issued against their members.

But the Criminal Organisation Public Interest Monitor, who must attend closed hearings for applications to ensure police do the right thing, has not yet been appointed.

An appointment is expected to be announced within weeks.

It is believed police will have several briefs ready with applications when the COPIM is appointed.





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