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Bandido bikie Toby Mitchell fighting for his life after Brunswick shooting

Toby Mitchell

Toby Mitchell was shot multiple times in Brunswick. Picture: Herald Sun

Witnesses, Barkly Square Shopping Centre

Special Operations Group officers at the scene of the Brunswick shooting. Picture: Mike Keating


A WOUNDED Bandido bikie is fighting for his life amid revenge fears over his shooting.

A major police manhunt was under way after Toby Mitchell, 37, was shot as horrified mothers and children ran for their lives, the Herald Sun reported.

Mitchell, a champion kickboxer, was hit in the stomach outside Doherty's Gym, next to the bikie gang's Brunswick clubhouse in Weston St, and staggered 100m before falling in the Barkly Square shopping centre carpark this afternoon.

He is in a critical but stable condition at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The shooter climbed from a Ford Territory with stolen number plates before opening fire, spraying at least five rounds from his weapon.

There are fears the shooting of Mitchell - sergeant at arms of the gang's Australian wing - will be avenged.

Sources told the Herald Sun the muscle-bound Mitchell may not have been the intended victim and was shot after walking into a feud between two men.

It is believed a gun was drawn on somebody else, possibly a Bandido member, and Mitchell tried to take control.

Shots were fired at two people, but all involved fled the scene, including the intended victim.

Investigators will consider whether it is an internal feud gone wrong, an outbreak of violence with another outlaw club or an outsider with a grievance.

The anti-bikie Echo taskforce is involved in the investigation, which is being conducted by the armed crime taskforce.

"Essentially he is the enforcer for the club," a source said.


Doherty's Gym



Toby Mitchell was shot outside Doherty's Gym. Picture: Tim Carrafa

Mitchell has been in a relationship with Tony Mokbel's former de facto wife, Danielle McGuire.

An angry Mokbel contacted Mitchell from Barwon Prison after learning of their relationship.

Mitchell had earlier in the day been seen in Doherty's Gym.

The feared strongman - who has the word karma tattooed across his stomach - has been of interest to police for many years.

He was an associate of slain gangster Nik Radev before he was killed in 2003. Police that year interviewed Mitchell over the murder of Mark Mallia at Sunshine

He was never charged and other men were convicted.


Brunswick shooting

Police talk to a witness at the scene. Picture: Tim Carrafa


Police talk to a witness at the scene. Picture: Tim Carrafa

Police said the charcoal grey 2011 Territory involved in the shooting had number plates WIA-651.

Acting Supt Stephen Mutton said it was sheer luck innocent bystanders had not been killed.

"We've got a shopping centre here, there are a lot of families doing their normal day-to-day business so it is a great concern to us," he said.

"Fortunately there's only been one person injured."


Brunswick shooting

A police officer and shopper at the scene in Brunswick. Picture: Tim Carrafa


An officer talks to a shopper at the scene. Picture: Tim Carrafa

A Carlton mother of two was shopping with her children when she heard what she thought was gunfire.

"At first, we thought it was a car backfiring. People were screaming and running," she said.

"It was like being in a movie."

A woman with a blood-smeared singlet was led from the scene by police.

Barkly Square food court attendant Dianne said: "We had women and children on the ground, there were shopping bags everywhere."

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