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Cruisers give in to Nomads' demands


Roy 'Magoo' Collins holding up the new design next to a member wearing the old design. Pic: Inga Williams

THE Gold Coast's easy riders have bowed to the demands of an outlaw motorcycle gang, removing round patches from their jackets.

From this week the Gold Coast Cruiser Club will wear rectangular patches instead of circular ones.

Last month revealed a member of the infamous Nomads bikie gang had approached a member of the social motorcycle group, warning him to remove the club insignia because it `offended' the outlaw organisation.

At the time, the Cruiser Club released a statement on its website urging all members to remove patches from their riding vests.

It is understood the Nomads were upset by the insignia because its round shape made the patch look like it had `rockers' -- the affiliation or location often worn at the top and bottom of outlaw gang patches.

Yesterday, Cruiser Club members who arrived at New Life Uniting Church to deliver Christmas gifts to struggling families wore nothing on their backs in case of repercussions from The Nomads.

Gold Coast Cruiser Club founder Roy `Magoo' Collins said the tension between his club and the outlaw organisation had been rectified during a mediation session with the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland.

He said the agreement was that if the Cruiser Club redesigned its logo the Nomads would no longer have a problem.

"It is because of protocol with outlaw motorcycle clubs, where they earn their patches and social club members don't," Mr Collins said.

"The Council got them (the Nomads) to meet with me on Thursday and there were no heavy tactics involved.

"The meeting was good and we got a new design done immediately."

Yesterday The Nomads could not be reached for comment about the latest development.

The Gold Coast Cruiser Club has worn its patches for seven years and there had been no problem before the recent confrontation.

"They don't have a problem with the logo on shirts, it is just our vests," Mr Collins said.

"From a distance it looks like an outlaw patch.

"We don't want to look like an outlaw club anyway.

"Our club members will start wearing the new patches on our back this week.

"We are really happy with how the council mediated the issue for us in the end."

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