Gasket Making 101

Wasnt very happy Friday, got the barrels back on, knew I could do the heads, but without the lower rocker box gaskets couldn't go any further. Apparently Rollies would have some in 2 weeks, but didnt want to wait that long.So Saturday enlisted the apprentice anyway, and threw the heads on.. Then we did the carb,..christ it made it easier not having to walk round the bike 40 side each was nice and easy.


Had a brainwave later that day, if we scanned the old gaskets maybe we could print em straight on to gasket paper, then cut em out. Tried it printing onto A4 paper and it worked fine, perfectly the correct size.


Heres the scanned gaskets on plain paper to see if it worked. So it was down to repco Sunday morning and bought some $14 a 1/2 meter (ForFSake!) gasket paper.Was a bit thick for the printer ,but worked, course in my haste to fit em didnt take any pics of em. Used a  razor blade to cut out the inner bits, and a punch set on a saw stool to punch out the bolt and oil holes. We tried saving the images and then reprinting, but that didnt work for some reason, as the saved then printed image was bigger.

Anyway with those done it was plain sailing, and we reassembled the top end,set the tappets, and fitted the tanks. Only thing missing was new exhaust gaskets, actually id have used the old ones, but lost one when the head when to Redgraves.

So here it is this morning waiting for 9am so I can shoot down to Gosford and get some gaskets, and get the exhaust on, and start it up.