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Well it wasn't raining, but I almost wished it was, talk about farking hot! I swear sweat was pissing off me before I even got out of the house. I don't think I've had jeans on for 6 months, and it'll be another 6 months before I have em on again with any luck.

Met my mate at his place in Windsor ,then down the Richmond road ,M7 ,M2 and Pennant Hills Road to the Freeway at Hornsby.


Gas stop on the way

About 170km's later we arrived at Kurri Kurri for lunch...what a relief to get out of that sun...... a few light beers and a hamburger and an hour and a half of air conditioning, and  I was almost ready to go to bed. oops I mean keep going....

The Gladiators show was at Maitland's old Jail this year, and there were plenty there.


We parked under some trees over the road and tried to ignore the heat.

The 100yds to the actual show was a bit too far for me to waddle, but I'm told it was great, so I sat and sweated for a couple of hours till we took off again.


The ride back down the freeway was a lot more pleasant as the sun went down, and I managed to enjoy the last 2 hours greatly.




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