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Ex-Black Uhlans bikie shot by jilted partner in 2015 murder suicide, coroner finds



A woman shot dead her outlaw bikie ex-partner and then killed herself after finding messages and photos on social media confirming he was having an affair, a Tasmanian coroner finds.

Michael William Dunk and Elishka Dawn Johnson were found dead on a property in the small north-west Tasmanian town of Wilmot in April 2015.

Coroner Duncan Fairley investigated the deaths, finding 46-year-old Mr Dunk died of gunshot wounds to the abdomen and head, inflicted by 41-year-old Ms Johnson, who later took her own life.

The couple, who met in 2001, had moved from the Gold Coast to Tasmania around 2005 and gained full-time employment, Mr Fairley noted.

Statements obtained from various co-workers indicated Ms Johnson and Mr Dunk were "both respected and well-liked by their respective colleagues".

Evidence from friends and family indicated Ms Johnson disapproved of Mr Dunk's involvement in the Black Uhlans motorcycle club which he had been a member of since 2011.

Ms Johnson begrudged the amount of time her partner spent at the clubrooms and associating with other members, the coroner found.

Medical records show Ms Johnson had sought help for depressive symptoms related to problems with her relationship and at work.

In March 2015, Ms Johnson discovered Mr Dunk had been conducting an affair and detailed this in her diary, along with the separation.

The coroner found on April 6, days before killing her ex-partner, Ms Johnson discovered photos and messages on social media which confirmed his relationship with another woman.

Mr Fairley said Ms Johnson arranged for Mr Dunk to come to the Wilmot property two days later.

Bodies found by Black Uhlans friends

The coroner noted on the day of his death, Mr Dunk had sent his new lover a message that read: "Eli wants to talk to me about something 2nite. Will give you a yell when I get back to Dev".

"On the afternoon of 8 April 2015, Ms Johnson concluded her shift at the Kmart store at 1.00pm," Mr Fairley said.

"Her co-workers recalled that she seemed unwell during the day but not so that it was particularly unusual. Most were aware that Ms Johnson suffered from migraine headaches."

He said Ms Johnson was last seen around 1:30pm when she stopped for fuel in Devonport.

Forty-eight hours later, two members of the Black Uhlans club who went to the property after becoming concerned about Mr Dunk's whereabouts found the couple's bodies.

The police investigation focused on the possibility the pair may have died as a result of third-party intervention. But the coroner said having reviewed the evidence, he was satisfied no other person contributed to either death.

Forensic examinations found Mr Dunk's blood on one of Ms Johnson's boots and her fingerprints on the gun safe and empty cartridge box at the property.

The shotgun used to kill Mr Dunk was one of three weapons registered to Ms Johnson.

Mr Fairley concluded by conveying his "sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of Mr Dunk and Ms Johnson".