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CCTV clue to Dandenong South bikie clubhouse fire

CRUCIAL CCTV images have been released in a bid to identify suspects who may be linked to the firebombing that gutted a Rebels clubhouse.

The images are taken days before the arson attack on the Dandenong South Rebels chapter, which was part of a simmering war between the Comancheros and their rivals, the Rebels.

The arson attack, on October 21, followed three violent incidents between the clubs’ members.

Echo Taskforce Det Sen-Sgt Stuart Bailey appealed directly to both Comancheros and Rebels bikies to end the dispute.

“It is in both gangs interests to put these matters behind you and move on,” he said.

“A gang member or an innocent member of the public could be seriously injured or killed as a result of your actions.”

Insp Bailey said police were closely monitoring the situation.

“Police have held discussions with the office bearers of those two groups but are yet to gain compliance from them,” Insp Bailey said.

“The state anti-gangs division have recruited extra members to work on this gang related violence and we are also working with our regional partners within Victoria Police, interstate and Commonwealth law enforcement agencies.

“Historically, a couple of years ago, there was a Comanchero member who was seriously assaulted in Darwin and that brought some reprisal attacks.

“It really quietened down until October this year when there were a couple of brawls between Rebels and Comanchero members.

“Echo Taskforce investigated that and as a result two members face court for those matters.

“It does seem to have subsided at this point in time but I think that is because of the good work of Echo Taskforce and other regional and interstate law enforcement bodies.”

Earlier Insp Bailey said it was yet to be proved who firebombed the clubhouse but did not rule out Comanchero involvement.

“It is certainly possible (the Comancheros are involved), but yet to be proven,’’ he said.

“We’ll keep an open mind and see what information comes to hand and what the evidence tells us.’’

The Rebels clubhouse was destroyed in the October fire. Picture: Steve Tanner

Detectives have released images of two men believed to be linked to a suspicious fire which destroyed the Rebels OMCG clubhouse in Dandenong South.

Another image of the two men.

And there remains no truce between the gangs which both call the Dandenong region, in Melbourne’s southeast, their patch.

“We believe there are continuing tensions between the rival outlaw motorcycle gangs and the management of the Echo Taskforce has attempted to gain compliance from the office bearers,’’ Sen-Sgt Bailey said.

“We continue to investigate this (fire) and other crimes by outlaw motorcycle gangs to bring those responsible to justice, while continuing to proactively work on these groups to prevent and disrupt any criminality.’’

Tensions have been high between the outlaw gangs since October when there was an outbreak of violence.

But police have tracked the theft of vehicles used in the arson attack on the England St clubhouse to a residence in Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula.

A Repsol Honda motorcycle and keys to two Audis were stolen during a burglary at a house in Brighton Cres on October 12 at 5.10am.

The offenders returned on October 16, stealing a black Audi Q7 and a white 2013 Audi Q3 wagon.

An Audi Q7

An Audi Q3.

Footage from the night of the fire shows four vehicles at the Rebels clubhouse just minutes before it was set alight.

The stolen Audi Q7 was reversed through the roller doors of the clubhouse and set alight.

A white Hyundai Veloster, the Honda Repsol and a sports motorcycle were also identified.


It is believed four offenders then fled the scene on the motorbikes and the Hyundai.

Gas cylinders exploded during the fire, which tore the insides where Rebel bikies had stored their Harley Davidsons and other vehicles.

The stolen Honda Repsol was abandoned in Richmond on November 10 and the Audi Q3 was recovered in Cranbourne North on November 11.

The Hyundai and the other sports motorcycle still haven’t been found.

A drive-by shooting attack on Comanchero boss Mick Murray’s gymnasium is suspected to have been in retaliation to the arson attack.

No links to the ongoing feud have been made to the shooting attempt in Thomastown of a former Rebel bikie.

Police are keen to speak to anyone who saw anything suspicious around the time of the fire.