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  • Former Bandidos face sentencing over Broadbeach brawl

    July 23, 2015 12:00am

    THEY were the ringleaders of one of Australia’s most terrifying riots but former Bandidos heavies are now just a bunch of happy homebodies, a court has been told.

    Seven former Bandidos yesterday faced Brisbane Magistrates Court for sentencing over the infamous 2013 Broadbeach brawl that led to the introduction of the controversial anti-bikie laws.

    While the bikie gang, which used to brag of running the Gold Coast, sent diners and tourists fleeing in terror on a Friday night in September 2013 before laying siege to the Southport Watchhouse, its legal team said many had now seen the error of their ways ahead of their sentence next month, turning to law-abiding careers.


    Defence barrister Alastair McDougall said Jacques Teamo, the heavily tattooed bikie who survived being shot at Robina Town Centre, had renounced his Bandido ties soon after the incident and was now focused on raising his young children as a single dad.

    Adam White, who was Gold Coast Bandidos president at the time of the brawl, now preferred to cuddle up on the couch watching DVDs with his daughter and girlfriend, rather than planning bikie brawls.

    The court was told a psychiatric report found White had poor insight, limited cognitive ability and impulsivity coupled with a paranoid and angry attitude.

    Adam White, who was Gold Coast Bandidos president at the time of the brawl, now prefers to cuddle up on the couch with his daughter and girlfriend, defence lawyer Sam Di Carlo told the court.

    His defence lawyer Sam Di Carlo told the court White, who has pleaded guilty to riot charges, was now a changed man with a healthy support network.

    Mr Di Carlo said a jail term would be counterproductive for White, who was “likely to be easily influenced by peers”.


    “He has positive peer groups at the moment,” he said.

    While Teamo has also pleaded guilty to riot charges, Mr McDougall said the bikie was not looking for trouble on the night of the riot, which was sparked by a showdown between Teamo and Jason Trouchet, a mate of Finks hardman Nick “The Knife” Forbes.

    “He (Teamo) was in Broadbeach, but he was the only one not wearing club colours,” he said.

    “He was wearing trackpants. He was only made aware by one of the other members that Mr Trouchet was in the area.”

    However, Magistrate Michael Quinn said he doubted the confrontation was a coincidence.

    “He was, and the other Bandidos were, certainly men on a mission,” he said.

    A group of 40 Bandidos confronted Trouchet outside a Broadbeach restaurant.

    Several bikies and Trouchet were arrested, while others then threatened police and stormed Southport Watchhouse demanding their mates be set free. Ten more bikies will face court over the next two days, with Magistrate Quinn to deliver sentences on August 14.