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Victorian Nazis hard at it... :-/

  • Police descend on bikie clubhouse Dark Side Seaford

    an hour ago

    Damage visible at the clubhouse.

    POLICE have raided the clubhouse of an outlaw motorcycle gang and changed the locks this morning.

    Frankston police entered the Dark Side Seaford clubhouse at 9.30am and removed a gang banner.

    The locks were then changed and posters put up warning entry without the agent present was illegal and trespassers would be prosecuted.

    A local business owner, who did not want to be named, said the bikies had rented the building for about six months.

    “You wouldn’t know they were bikies if you saw them,” they said.

    “We didn’t see any bikes, just a couple of utes, and four or five of them would stand around outside around a fire.

    “Then in May (18th), police raided the place and took away fridges and freezers on the back of a trailer.

    “There was about 30 odd police here. They forced their way in that time too.”

    Another worker said two weekends ago, about 50 bikies turned up.

    “They were not in colours but it was the first time we had seen a bike there.

    “They were parked a all over the place, blocking driveways. There were heaps.

    “They apologised and said they didn’t think anyone would be here at the weekend.”

    They added: “The bloke who rents it is a young bloke, about 30, with blond hair. You would pick him as a bikie.

    “He works as a tiler during the day - he’s a legitimate businessman.”

    The building is next to another empty property.


    Another business owner, who did not want to be named, said a man was seen dragging out all the furniture from the property yesterday evening.

    “He went round to a few of us saying to take anything we wanted.

    “Then today the police were here.”

    He added: “They were nice guys. No trouble. We used to joke that we had a business on the safest street in town. We could leave our factories open at the weekend and no one would rob us because they were here.”

    Police revealed they had evicted the Dark Side Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang from commercial premises in Seaford three times.

    Frankston Crime Investigation Unit detectives said property owners conduct due dilligence checks when renting out property.

    It comes after police raided a factory in Seaford this morning and changed the locks.

    “A thorough vetting of potential tenants could prevent future heartache for property owners,” Senior Constable Adam West said.

    “A little bit of investigation may prevent lost income and disruption in the future.”

    He added landlords should;

    - Always check potential tenant’s credentials.

    - Sight and check all documentation to ensure that it is genuine. If tenant’s have copies of documents ensure that they are certified.

    - Meet potential tenants a few times before renting the property and ask them questions. If claims made by the potential tenant conflict with the evidence on hand ask further questions.

    - Do some research and check the applicants name through Google and on social media. Check application addresses and information on Google maps.

    “Anyone who has information regarding possible future club house sites is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 biteme or make a confidential report at fuckofupigwankers .com,” Sen Cons West said.