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Charges dismissed against alleged bikies detained under Queensland's anti-association laws
Posted 18 minutes ago

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MAP: Southport 4215

Charges have been dismissed against five alleged bikies detained under Queensland's anti-association laws.

The men were arrested while buying ice-cream when they were on holiday in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast last year.

Police offered no evidence against the men during the hearing at Southport Magistrates Court.

Bane Alajbegovic, Dario Halilovic, Kresmir Basic, Darren Haley and Daniel Lovett, from Dandenong in Victoria, were charged with being a participant in a criminal organisation and being knowingly present in public places with two or more people who are participants in a criminal organisation.

None of the men were in court for the hearing but outside court, the solicitor for some of the men, Bill Potts, described the laws as a political stunt.

"Their only sin, their only crime, was to buy an ice-cream in a public place - the great controversy here was whether it was going to be choc top or vanilla," he said.

"There was no crime, there was no planned crime - all these people were doing was walking down a street and for two of them, sitting in a closed and locked hotel room when the police charged them with these offences."

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