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Ex-Comanchero bikie has boiling water mixed with urine poured under his cell door - 'because he quit the gang'

  • Alexander Victor Miller claims he left the motorcycle gang and was threatened
  • Police allege there is no confirmation he had frayed from the bikie gang
  • Miller pleaded not guilty to the charges at the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday

A former bikie has claimed 'boiling water mixed with urine' was poured under his cell door after he quit the notorious Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang.

Alexander Victor Miller, who is an ex-member of the Australian gang, says he was forced into segregation after he handed back his colours, the Canberra Times reported.   

The 28-year-old pleaded not guilty to charges which involve drug and firearm offences at the ACT Magistrates Court on Friday.

Miller was allegedly seen driving his mother's car past the home of rival faction leader Peter Zdravkovic on June 5.

Alexander Victor Miller, 28, (pictured) claims he had 'boiling water mixed with urine' poured under his cell door when he quit the the Comanchero

The court heard police allegedly moved him to 24-hour lockdown because he threatened another inmate.

Prison officers claim Miller called a fellow inmate a 'dog' and said that he knew their family.

Police allegedly found a sawn-off .38 rifle, ammunition, drugs, gloves, a black balaclava and cash in the vehicle Miller was allegedly driving past faction leader Peter Zdravkovic's home

The Australian bikie gang was reported to be split in two factions earlier this year.

After the gang split in two, Mr Zdravkovic was wounded in a shooting and arson attack just weeks before Miller was allegedly seen driving near his home.

Senior Constable Dale Ohlmus - who is attached to ACT Policing's anti-bikie unit Taskforce Nemesis - said there was no confirmation Miller had quit the bikie gang.

Magistrate Beth Campbell said she couldn't make a decision based on hearsay and whether his withdrawal from the gang was merely a 'severance of convenience'.

Ms Campbell also said no ordinary citizen drives a car while armed with illegal firearms and other criminal items in an area where gang activity and warfare had been taking place.