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Banksia Grove triple shooting: rising tensions between bikie gangs, police say
By Briana Shepherd

Updated Fri at 6:36pm
Mitchell Finnerty stands looking at the camera in a black tank top with three gold chains around his neck.

Photo: Mitchell Finnerty died in hospital after being wounded in the Banksia Grove shooting. (Supplied: Facebook)

The WA Police Gang Crime Squad has been called in to ease "growing tensions" between two major outlaw motorcycle gangs following a fatal shoot-out in Perth's northern suburbs.

Mitchell Finnerty, 23, died in hospital after he was shot outside a house in Cassia Link, Banksia Grove, just before 10:30pm on Tuesday.

Another two men, a 53-year-old man from Landsdale and his 24-year-old son from Wanneroo, were also shot but survived.

Detectives have said Mr Finnerty and the two injured men had links to an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Today Major Crime Squad Detective Inspector Mark Fyfe said the shooting incident did not begin as gang related.

"There was a dispute involving property that wasn't involving gang members," he said.

"A confrontation developed which then involved gang members."

Detective Inspector Fyfe said the shooting had inflamed tensions between two outlaw motorcycle gangs, the Rebels and the Coffin Cheaters.

"The Gang Crime Squad is addressing the rising tensions between these two gangs," he said.

"In relation to the offender or offenders, I do not believe they are a threat to the community in general."
Conflicting witness reports clouding investigation

Detective Inspector Fyfe said it was understood only two people were involved in the original argument over property, neither of them victims of the shooting.

"Tragically Mr Finnerty, a 23-year-old father has lost his life for something he wasn't not originally involved in, but became involved in," he said.

"We're still trying to establish how [the three victims] came to be involved."

He said police had been unable to confirm how many people were at the address, with conflicting witness reports confusing the issue.

Police also believe a burnt out car, found in a nearby suburb, had been involved in the altercation.

Two types of shell casings found at the house led police to conclude two guns were fired, but Detective Inspector Fyfe said officers were unable to confirm who the gunmen were.

"At the moment, eight confirmed shots," he said.

"I know someone fired shots, I know there was a Rebel member there.

"I'm still trying to establish who fired the shots.

"I know that both gangs were present and I know that tensions are now heightened because of what's happened."