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Witness admits she never saw Falzon's drug deals

A KEY witness in a multi-million dollar meth manufacturing case admitted to never actually seeing major drug deals involving Ilbilbie man Michael Paul Falzon.

Up to $34 million in crime profits are claimed against the convicted drug trafficker and fellow Rebels bikie James Thomas O'Brien, from Rockhampton.

Their guilt is not in question but the degree of their profits is up for debate.

O'Brien's former girlfriend and self-confessed drug mule was interrogated via audio-link about Falzon's connection to the operation.

Her knowledge of his involvement was far less explicit than that of O'Brien, for whom she would help "cut pure speed down to street level" and transport drugs.

When asked if she saw Falzon deal drugs, she said: "No, only a bit of cannabis to me".

She believed Falzon to be a major partner in the lucrative criminal trade, despite accusations from his legal team she was "padding out" her assumptions or "simply lying" out of spite.

"I have not embellished Mr Falzon's role in this," she said.

The court heard the operation's tentacles spread all over Queensland, with the woman stating one of O'Brien's middle-men supplied "most speed users in Dalby".

She was told anecdotally about Falzon "doing cooks" at properties around central Queensland but said she only actually witnessed him at one such meth lab.

Seeing Falzon and O'Brien wearing blue overalls on another occasion was attributed to "the cook".

"They bought those overalls for the cook. I remember seeing them wearing them," she said.

She claimed large amounts of phosphoric acid, a key ingredient in creating crystal meth, were supplied by her brother to O'Brien on several occasions.

Barrister Richard Douglas, acting for the State of Queensland, questioned the woman only briefly after a two-day grilling from Falzon's legal team.

The woman's son, a police drugs expert and a scientist are next in line to give evidence.