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New laws will make it easier for police to tackle bikie crime

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POLICE will have beefed-up powers to search outlaw bikie clubhouses and will be clearly backed by legislation to search anyone on site.

New tough-on-crime laws announced today will make it easier for NSW Police to tackle organised crime during raids on outlaw motorcycle gang clubhouses, the government believes.

Under the changes, police will be clearly backed by law to search anyone on the site, compel anyone to reveal their name and address, and make anyone at the clubhouse move on.

The new tough-on-crime laws will make it easier for NSW Police to tackle organised crime. Picture: Supplied

The new powers will give cops the power to search anyone on site and give their name and where they live. Picture: Supplied

It comes after an Ombudsman report said police needed more clarity about their powers when raiding outlaw motorcycle gang clubhouses.

In 2016, the report found that while police could search declared premises at any time without a warrant, they were not doing so.

“Our report found that the amendments have not enhanced police’s ability to disrupt OMCGs or detect firearms,” the report said.

“Police did not obtain any restricted premises declarations, conduct searches without warrant or lay charges for any of the new offence(s) during the review period.”

A search warrant was executed to shut down Nomads Muswellbrook Clubhouse in April 2017.

Attorney-General Mark Speakman said the government had accepted all the Ombudsman’s recommendations “which will give police greater clarity about their powers and responsibilities when raiding outlaw bikie gang clubhouses”.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian will announce the new laws with Police Commissioner Mick Fuller today.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will announce the new laws. Picture: Justin Lloyd

Police Minister Troy Grant said the reforms would help police identify suspects, gather evidence and seize dangerous firearms and weapons.

“There is no room in NSW for outlaw bikies, who will continue to be hounded by the police until they leave the state or find a new, legal hobby,” he said.

The new laws will be introduced to parliament within weeks.

Mr Fuller said Strike Force Raptor had “dismantled numerous bikie-led drug and organised crime operations” and “is continuing to crack down on outlaw bikie violence”.