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Lucky Keizer's motorbike showcases WWII plane engine
By Sophie Kesteven

If the loud rumble of Lucky Keizer's motorbike does not catch your attention, the sight of its engine certainly will. The supercharged spectacle looks like it just drove off the set of Mad Max, but its history dates back to WWII.

Last weekend the Wings and Wheels event was underway at the Aero Club in Mackay. There was an array of aeroplanes

Lucky says his motorbike, called 'Merlin', has one of the most unique engines in the world.

This is because the engine was salvaged out of a Mosquito-bomber aeroplane that once dropped bombs on Belgium during WWII.

"The engine complete would be worth half a million dollars," Lucky said.

"But I salvaged one out of a wreck and I thought 'I want the world's biggest V twin engine', because since my childhood I wanted something bigger and better than anything else in the world and I have got it."

Lucky made the 5000CC motorbike back in the 80s and he says it can reach up to 400 kilometres an hour.

"A lot of people have said it looks like it's out of Mad Max because it is so unusual, and the combination of a motorbike that is five litres for a starter, an aeroplane engine and a super charger and it has got nitrous oxide. It is one of the most awesome motorbikes on this planet," he said.

Speeding in a baby's pram

Lucky's love for motorbikes goes back to when he was 11 years old.

"I had the mechanical inclination and need for speed back then and I got done for speeding in a baby's pram," he laughed.

"I put a motor in it out of my father's cement mixer... I was so proud of it I had to take it down the highway near Dubbo in New South Wales.

"I got fined five pound ten and it took about two years to pay it off."

From there his invention planted the seed to create more fast things such as motorised billy carts, mini bikes, dragsters and eventually his one of a kind 'Merlin'.

Berlin and beyond

Lucky has showcased his bike at different events around the world, including most recently the Wings and Wheels event at the Aero Club in Mackay.

"I like shows like this more than any other shows because [the bike] is half aeroplane half motorbike, and it speaks a lot of history and there happens to be a Mustang aeroplane out on the airstrip that has the same engine," he said.

"Motorbikes are in my blood and it is not going away ... I can't get it out of my system, it is such a big part of my life and everyone that I know on this planet knows that.


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