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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 05:47:24 PM

The NSW Police Force has dismissed claims of a bikie migration into NSW as a myth unsupported by evidence.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Geoff McKechnie says aerial material supplied to Queensland media is evidence of the close scrutiny all police forces pay to bikie groups but nothing more.

“We are focused on the criminal activities of bikies. They are criminal groups involved in the illicit drug trade and other illegal activity and they are the subject of joint intelligence gathering by police agencies.

“No question, there are bikie chapters in northern NSW. But they were there well before legislative change in Queensland and they are heavily targeted.

“Importantly, there’s no evidence their numbers are growing through any influx from Queensland. That’s a myth.

“We have been in the business of sorting out bikies for many years now.

“Strike Force Raptor is Australia’s first standing strike force specifically targeting bikies.

“In the past four years, it has laid more than 5,000 charges, arrested 2,300 people, seized more than 600 weapons, nearly $4 million in cash as well as a significant quantity of drugs.

Acting Deputy Commissioner McKechnie said the Rebels chapter in Ballina is hardly new and it has been heavily targeted by NSW Police.

“The same applies to the Mongols and Odin’s Warriors. They are small chapters whose ranks have not grown.

“There are lots of rumours, but police don’t rely on rumours – we rely on evidence and there is no evidence that bikie numbers in the north of this state are growing.

Strike Force Raptor has targeted a raft of bikie premises and clubhouses in the state’s north coast. In late October Raptor targeted 33 premises alone.

“It can hardly be said NSW Police are lacking traction when it comes to tackling bikie related crime” Mr McKecknie said.