West Australian police say they are yet to arrest anyone in relation to a stabbing attack on a 32-year-old man outside a bikie club headquarters.

The man, who is affiliated with the Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang, was stabbed several times on Friday night at the club's headquarters in Balga, north of Perth.

Police say a nearby resident found the man - who has since undergone surgery in hospital - outside the property.

Detective senior sergeant Darren Hart from the Gang Crime Squad says police believe the gang was responsible for the attack.

"At this stage, we don't have anyone in custody," he said.

"Historically speaking, members of these gangs are uncooperative and that obviously makes the investigation more difficult.

"But we're exploring a number of avenues to...find out exactly what happened."

Sergeant Hart says police believe the man was a nominee and could have been trying to leave the club.

"This sort of violence is something that can happen when someone wants to leave an outlaw motorcycle gang," he said.

"But that's one of many reasons for violence of this kind within an outlaw motorcycle gang.

"We believe it was members of the gang responsible for assaulting another member of the gang but the exact reasons for it, I wouldn't like to speculate at this stage."