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Bikie set up drug deals in courthouse cell

The deal was struck in the cells of a Canberra courthouse.

The bikie enforcer had a cache of ecstasy tablets he would sell for $6000 cash per thousand pills.

The bikie would contact the buyer when he was released from custody.

Owen Roscoe Oswald Turnbull, 27, pleaded guilty in the ACT Magistrates Court on Tuesday to one count of drug trafficking.

Turnbull, a former high ranking member of the Nomads Outlaw Motorcycle Club, was originally charged with eight separate counts of drug trafficking.

However, defence lawyer Peter Woodhouse told the court his client's guilty plea was to one charge, which covered a period between January and April this year.

The other seven counts were then withdrawn by prosecutors in court on Tuesday morning.

Court documents said Turnbull, of Isabella Plains, had sold 4316 pills for $28,950 across five separate deals over a four-month period.

Analysis revealed the pills had contained methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA).

Court documents said the agreement had been struck when Turnbull, at the time the sergeant-at-arms of the Nomads ACT chapter, and a man, identified as Civilian Participant, or CP, had a chance encounter while locked up in the ACT Magistrates Court cells on unrelated matters in October last year.

CP then made contact with Turnbull in December to organise a series of deals via a secure messaging app.

On January 5 CP paid Turnbull $3550 for 545 tablets during a car ride in Erindale.

Turnbull then reported to the Tuggeranong Police Station for bail immediately after the deal.

Analysis of the package containing the drugs contained Turnbull’s DNA.

On January 23, Turnbull sold the man 783 pills for $3900 in a carpark at the Monash shops.

On January 31, CP collected 1013 MDA tablets from Turnbull in an Isabella Plains park.

Later that evening, an undercover police officer delivered $6500 in payment for the drugs.

During the exchange, Turnbull offered to sell the officer pills directly for $7 per tablet, but cautioned him not to tell CP.

On February 15, Turnbull sold the undercover officer 995 pills for $7500.

On March 8, he sold the officer another 980 pills for the same price.

Turnbull also organised the sale of 1982 pills for $14,000 on April 5.

Court documents said he had trafficked a total of 6298 pills, weighing more than 1.5 kilograms, for $42,950.

Police estimated the street value of the drugs to be about $157,450.

Police raided Turnbull’s Isabella Plains home on April 21, where he was arrested.

He has been in custody since.

The matter was committed to the ACT Supreme Court for sentence and will appear for mention next month.