Gang fought the law and the law won

IT'S hard to believe there would be much public sympathy for the bikies who handed in their patches following police scrutiny in recent months.

The insignia worn by Rebels is a reference to a supposed statement from the American Motorcycle Association in 1948, that 99% of motorbike riders were well-behaved and only 1% were anti-social.

The former Hervey Bay Rebels members may feel they were unfairly treated by the police, but I believe most members of the public will think the bikies got no more than they should expect.

It might not be fair or true to say that all Rebels bikies are law-breakers - and there's no denying club members do take part in charitable events such as bike runs for kids. Some of these members are happy holding down a regular job and supporting a family. But it is hard to associate with a group of known criminals and not expect to be tarred with the same brush.

Wearing a patch to signify yourself as part of the 1% is a clear indication that you consider yourself outside the law.

The efforts by Maryborough District Criminal Investigation Branch to hamper illegal activity by bikies have been hugely successful, if the comments by a Wide Bay chapter member in today's front page story are anything to go by.

Far from unfairly targeting one group, Maryborough CIB head Nikki Colfs and her team have done exactly what the public wants - wipe out organised crime in the region.