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Police alert on former Finks bikie Mark Sandery's vow to hunt down rivals who shot his son

Mark Sandery after the shooting of his son.

Mark Sandery after the shooting of his son. Source: News Limited

Former Finks bikie member Mark Sandery, outside the Magistrates Court.

Former Finks bikie member Mark Sandery, outside the Magistrates Court. Source: News Limited

POLICE are monitoring the activities of former Finks bikie Mark Sandery following his release from prison.

There are fears Sandery will seek revenge against rival Hells Angels bikies connected to the shooting of his 11-year-old son in a home invasion at his Semaphore home in September 2011 .

Sandery has publicly vowed to exact revenge on those responsible for shooting his son , stating "We'll unturn every rock and we will find you, you f**king dogs.''

Police have charged Hells Angels prospect Aaron Cluse, 23, in connection with the shooting and are aware of the identities of the four others allegedly involved. Cluse is in custody awaiting trial.

Several days after the shooting 14 gunshots were fired into Cluse's Burton home and in January, 2012, the same house was the subject of a deliberate arson attack that caused $150,000 damage.

Sandery was released from prison after serving a 14-month sentence for possessing a SKS semi-automatic rifle and 700 rounds of ammunition.

While a judge ruled there was "reasonable doubt'' he knew the weapon was in his Semaphore home when it was raided by police, he was convicted because the law required him to prove he did not know it was there.

Sandery is not subject to any parole conditions or restrictions on his movements, but he is still the subject of a Firearms Prohibition Order.

Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Paul Dickson said police expected Sandery will "comply with the law.''

"It's worth noting that all people with known links to outlaw motorcycle gangs are never far away from the attention of police, as there is a community expectation that we monitor these people in a bid to prevent violence and criminality,'' he said.

Police are also monitoring the activities of high-profile gang figure Vince Focarelli, whose parole period expired last week .

While Focarelli has made no public statements concerning the gang-related murder of his son Giovanni, in January last year, he is aware of who killed his son and shot him several times in the same ambush at Dry Creek.

Police also fear those responsible for the failed attempt on Focarelli's life may also make another attempt to thwart any possibility of a revenge attack by him.


Timeline of Mark Sandery

1996: Sandery was a ringleader in the infamous Yatala prison riots, in which four prison officers were beaten, tied up and urinated upon and was jailed for his involvement.

December 2010: Sandery assaults a couple in their 50s - punching the woman in the face and pushing her husband and is later jailed for six months.

October 2011: Men break into Sandery's Semaphore home and fire shots at the beds where his two sons are sleeping, hitting an 11-year old boy in the leg. Makes public threats of retribution against those responsible.

December 2011: Sandery is charged and later convicted with possessing an SKS semi-automatic rifle and 600 rounds of ammunition at his former Semaphore home - despite being in Melbourne at the time. Jailed for 14 months.

August, 2013: Sandery is released from prison at the end of his firearms sentence.


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