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Government seeks briefing from police on Mongols move to SA

Members show their patch, or colours, of the bikie gang Mongols.

Members show their patch, or colours, of the bikie gang Mongols. Source: Supplied

THE State Government has requested an urgent briefing from police on the likely impact of the Finks takeover by the international Mongols bikie gang.

Police Minister Michael O'Brien has confirmed he had requested the briefing from acting Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, as reaction to the renewed push by bikie gangs to expand throughout the nation unfolded.

SA Police are closely monitoring the move involving the Finks and Mongols, after learning of it last weekend . While it is unclear precisely how many of SA's 56-strong Finks gang will become Mongols, sources have indicated it could be up to 90 per cent.

Attorney-General John Rau said the move by the Finks would also be discussed with his national counterparts at next week's Standing Committee on Law and Justice in Sydney.

New moves by the Queensland Government to tighten its anti-bikie legislation would also be examined.

The Queensland Government has pledged to introduce amendments to its anti-bikie legislation following a string of violent incidents along the Gold Coast involving the Finks and Bandidos .

The new measures are likely to include a ban on bikies owning and operating tattoo parlours, a ban on gang colours being worn in licensed premises, specific locations being off limits to gang members and clubhouses being outlawed.

"We've made substantial changes to organised crime laws in South Australia and we are still observing the effects of these laws in the field,'' Mr Rau said.

"Any good idea that has a positive affect on reducing crime will always be looked at and I'll be raising these matters with the Queensland Attorney-General next week.

"We will also continue to work closely with police on these matters, ensuring they have the legislative tools they require to fight criminal gangs."

Police do not believe the merger will further increase tensions with other gangs - particularly the Hells Angels gang, which is sworn enemies with the Mongols - because the Finks are already at war with the Hells Angels in SA.

Senior officers have warned the patch-over would not impact imminent moves in the Supreme Court seeking to have the Finks declared a criminal organisation.

While a similar move against the gang was defeated in the High Court in 2011, the Serious and Organised Crime Control Act has since been amended and police and the Government are confident it will withstand another anticipated legal challenge.

The patch-over will see the Mongols become one of the largest bikie gangs in Australia with around 400 members.

The gang has around 1500 members worldwide with chapters in the US, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia, France and Israel. It first surfaced in Australia on the NSW central coast in March this year and shifted its influence to the Gold Coast in June.

The gang's website was recently updated to include a directory to chapters in each capital city, although the Adelaide directory is not yet complete with detail.




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