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Outlaws crash on way to Alice


jees this must be the longest club run in the world? Good on em...

Police say three members of the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Club came off their bikes in Tennant Creek today

Northern Territory police say three members of the Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Club were involved in a minor crash in Tennant Creek today.

The crash is believed to have been caused by an oil drum falling off the back of a caravan and creating a large oil slick on the road.

Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Schiller says the accident occurred on the main street of Tennant Creek.

"Unfortunately, three of them got themselves tangled up and fell off their bikes," he told 783 Drive's Rohan Barwick.

"Fortunately, I think it was just egos that were hurt and a bit of damage to their bikes...Tennant Creek police were able to offer them some emotional support and they're back on the road again now."

Members of various chapters of Rebels Outlaw Motorcycle Club are en route to Perth, with a contingent of about 20 police officers accompanying them down the Stuart Highway.

The bikers are making their way to a national get together in Perth on the weekend.

Detective Schiller says they the police escort will accompany the club members as far as the Northern Territory border at Kulgera.

"They're an organised crime group and it's pretty well recognised around Australia," he says.

We do feel it's necessary...not only for community safety but there's a bit of road safety involved too, these guys don't get out and ride regularly, they're not so used to riding on the open road."

Police say there will be an increased police presence in Alice Springs tonight where it's expected the bikers will be staying overnight.


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