Behind bars ... Mick Hawi.

Behind bars ... Mick Hawi.

Former national Commanchero bikie boss, Mahmoud "Mick" Hawi has been sentenced to at least 21 years in jail for the murder of Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas in the infamous Sydney Airport brawl.

Mr Zervas, 29, was bludgeoned with a bollard and stabbed in the chest and abdomen during the brawl on March 22, 2009, which shocked bystanders and the city more broadly.

Hawi, 31, was sentenced to a maximum of 28 years in jail with a non-parole period of 21 years. He was found guilty of murder and affray on November 2 last year after a marathon trial.

Anthony Zervas ... killed during a brawl at Sydney Airport.

Anthony Zervas ... killed during a brawl at Sydney Airport.

The jury heard that the Commancheros and Hells Angels assembled at the airport after being contacted by gang members on a plane from Melbourne.

Hells Angels chapter president Derek Wainohu, who was on the plane, and felt intimidated by Hawi and other Commancheros present, sent a text for help and, in response, a number of Hells Angels, including Mr Zervas, went to the airport.

There were a series of scuffles in which 12 Commancheros confronted five Hells Angels, punching and kicking each other and attacking each other with heavy metal bollards in the departure lounge.

Mr Zervas died during the brawl.

Five other Commanchero members were also tried for murder. They were found not guilty, found guilty of manslaughter or are facing retrials after the jury was hung.

A further six members or associates of the Commanchero were subsequently convicted of a range of offences including riot, affray and assault.

"This was a shocking and violent crime," the sentencing judge, Justice Robert Allan Hulme said.

"The deceased was killed in an act of retribution because he dared to attack the president of the Commenchero. No one, in his mind, was going to get away with that."

Hawi stood, chin raised, as the judge delivered the sentence.

Mr Zervas's mother, Frederika Bromwich, broke down in court after the sentence was read and nearly fainted outside court as - flanked by her daughters - she addressed the media.

"No punishment is enough for the loss of my son," a shaky and tearful Ms Bromwich said.