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Rivalries put aside as Perth bikies protest

Bikies takeover freeways

The United Motor Cycle Council bike ride on the freeway from Yanchep to Mundajong. Picture: Ross Swanborough Source: PerthNow

ABOUT 80 bikies thundered along Perth's freeways this afternoon in a defiant public stance against the State Government's proposed anti-association laws.

WA outlaw motorcycle gangs cast aside bitter rivalries in a show of solidarity against the legislation, which they say is an undemocratic crackdown on their right to associate with each other.

The 100km cross-city run from the Ocean View Tavern in Nowergup to Mundijong saw dozens of bikies ride en-masse along the Mitchell and Kwinana freeways as part of the United Motorcycle Council WA - a collective of gangs set up to fight the laws.

Under the Criminal Organisation Control Bill, introduced to State Parliament two weeks ago, breaches of ``control orders'' preventing members of declared organisations from associating with each other would be punishable by two years jail for a first offence and five years for a second offence.


A new offence of instructing an offence for the benefit of a criminal organisation would attract 20 years jail.

Today, UMC WA spokesman and Coffin Cheater Peter ``Fuzzy'' Godfree said the protest ride was a public show of opposition to the laws and the rally should send a strong message to the Barnett Government.

``We have a perfectly good judicial system and enough laws already to deal with law and order in our community without taking away every West Australian's basic human rights,'' Mr Godfree said.

``We will not stand by and watch West Australians' civil liberties be snatched away from them because of a bad policing problem in this state.''

Instead, he said the government should consider a Bill of Rights for WA.

Seven WA bikie gangs - the Coffin Cheaters, Rebels, Gypsy Jokers, Club Deroes, Outlaws, God's Garbage and the Vietnam Veterans - have banded together to form the WA council in a bid to fight the proposed laws. The Comancheros and Finks are not part of the action.

The Sunday Times understands the Rebels, now WA's biggest bikie gang with about 80 members and 40 nominees, would be the first club to be targeted if the laws come into effect.

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  • wilken46 of Spearwood Posted at 5:07 PM March 10, 2012

    Listen mate you are not about living a law abiding life these gangs deal in drugs and anyone thinking otherwise is in la la land. You are about frightening good people with your shows of strength. Good riddance to all the bikie gangs i say.

  • Muzz of WA Posted at 5:04 PM March 10, 2012

    JJ of Magnet this has nothing to do with the federal government or Julia Gillard you fool. Read the story, it is about the State Government wanting to outlaw bikie gangs.

  • Tony of Nul Posted at 4:53 PM March 10, 2012

    What a Load Twoddle of Perth Posted at 3:44 PM Today...really have no idea about the issue do you? Your interpretation of the issue presented in the article shows either your ignorance or your apathy; or both (look them up).



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