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Men force Harley Davidson rider off road in Prairiewood and steal bike at knifepoint

A MAN had his Harley Davidson stolen at knifepoint after a pair of thieves forced him to the side of the road in Western Sydney last night.

The man was riding his motorcycle along Corio Road in Prairiewood when a silver Subaru WRX cut him off and forced him to pull over about 6.45pm.

Two men stepped out of the car with one of them pulling out a knife demanding the victim hand over his Harley Davidson.

After complying and getting off his bike the man was punched in the face before one fled on the bike and the other in the car.

Police responded shortly after and launched an investigation seeking the two men involved.

The first man wearing a black jumper and beanie is described as Caucasian with a New Zealand accent, about 183cm tall with a thin but muscular build and aged about 25-30 years old.

No description was able to be provided about the second man.


Investigations into the incident are continuing.


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